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Internships: Science, Science Policy & Science Writing

During the academic year, most nearby science internships are laboratory-based. Remember that most faculty are off-campus during the summer, and may not be checking e-mail until just as classes begin. To find these experiences…

  • Participate in the Maryland Student Researchers Program -- This is especially good for students with little or no previous experience.
  • Contact your professors and PhD-level teaching assistants directly -- If their research interests match yours, contact them and e-mail a brief statement of your interests, a resume, and your transcript.
  • Listen for in-class announcements, watch the ENSP Advising News -- and act quickly!
  • Explore the links below. Consider science policy, science writing, or other work related to science.

During the spring and summer, check the links below:

Wildlife, Biodiversity & Restoration Marine & Coastal Agriculture, Farming, and Plant Sciences


Earth Sciences Soil, Water, & Land Resources

Science Policy & Science Writing

Lots more!