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Declaring ENSP

If you are eager to help solve environmental problems, we welcome your interest! To explore ENSP:

  • Try ENSP Core courses (CORE program & ENSP Core) _or_ (Gen Ed program & ENSP Core). Many of them fill University distributive studies requirements.
  • Begin work on ENSP Benchmarks.
  • ENSP students are expected to enroll in Math every semester until they have completed their Concentration requirements. Success in Math and ENSP Core courses predicts your long-term happiness and success in this major.
  • Identify concentrations that interest you and assess in general terms the number of requirements and/or electives you'll have.
  • If you are intending to declare ENSP as a second major, please try the following courses: ENSP101 or ENSP102; MATH 220, 140, or 130; and one of the ENSP Core Lab Sciences to confirm your interest. You might decide to take ENSP courses as a supporting area or "Minor," instead. It will take many different approaches to solve environmental problems; ENSP is only one of them!
  • Finally, since you can't learn everything you need to know about environmental problem-solving from a book, plan to complement your coursework with practical experience, participation in undergraduate research, and off-campus study programs -- especially those that take place outside the mid-Atlantic ecosystem.

To declare ENSP _or_ to discuss ENSP in more detail, first:

  • Please prepare a hand-written (draft) graduation plan to bring with you to advising, especially if you already have more than 40 credits completed.

  • Prospective ENSP students with more than 40 credits completed will not be declared into ENSP without a draft graduation plan in hand at the time of our meeting.

  • E-MAIL: Dr. Whittemore at Please send THREE different days/times that would be good for you to meet and she will e-mail back to confirm one of them. Please include your UID in your message. Many thanks -- We look forward to meeting you!